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Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures

Businesses and data centers rely on strong network connections to send, receive and store information. Depending on the number of devices your company uses, there is a good chance your building contains a server rack filled with routers, wires, modems and other technology. If your server rack is compromised, you’re looking at an expensive fix to get back up and running.

APX Enclosures specializes in the design and fabrication of custom enclosures for computer technology. Protect your investments with the option to order a server rack cabinet built to your exact specifications. Our enclosures let you shield the devices you use on a daily basis from inclement weather, moisture and other threats.

The Importance of Server Enclosures
Server racks are used to keep wired connections organized. Having all your network technology in one place makes it easy to troubleshoot in case of an issue, but you can only do so much when components are exposed to harsh conditions. Something as simple as a ceiling leak can cost you thousands of dollars if you need to replace your entire setup.

APX provides a variety of NEMA enclosure types for weatherproofing your installations. Defend your company’s network thanks to NEMA 3R and 4X designs that keep everything from dirt to unauthorized personnel from getting inside the computer server cabinet. We ensure you receive a server enclosure made with the finest aluminum, carbon or stainless steel materials for corrosion resistance.

APX Server Rack Cabinet Applications
Computer server racks are home to a series of electronic parts that communicate with one another. Whether you have server devices sitting on the floor or your current rack has openings, APX sets you up for success with enclosures that fit the following:

  • Patch panels: Fasten wires and run them in the direction they need to go.
  • Routers: Connect company devices to the internet and multiple networks.
  • Switches: Determine which devices in the rack receive data.
  • Wiring: Power routers, modems and anything else within the enclosure.
  • Rails: Allow IT professionals to secure network technology in place.

APX Enclosures separates itself from the competition with the ability to prewire and include shelves within your order. Our professionals introduce your team to server enclosures in a variety of materials for your applications.

APX Rack Enclosure Configurations
APX will design your custom rack enclosure in a style that works for you. We provide clients with UL-listed selections available in diverse shapes and sizes. One of the most important decisions you’ll make during the design process involves choosing between NEMA 3R and 4X enclosures:

Our affordable NEMA 3R designs cater to businesses needing an electrical cabinet that can be put to the test. 3R configurations are appropriate when you would like to protect electrical objects from rain, snow, sleet and wind in case of a weather emergency.

The benefits of NEMA 3R builds are twofold, as they defend against accidents within your building and stop employees from making contact with server connections. Even if you suffer a plumbing break or your server rack cabinet is near a window, APX has you covered.

NEMA 4X server rack cabinets from APX Enclosures are recommended for companies handling food and manufacturing efforts. These styles can withstand hose-directed water or splashing, and they protect against fine dust particles that could interfere with server inputs.

APX Server Enclosure Customization Options
When you order a custom enclosure, APX Enclosures assigns a Project Engineer for your assignment, and this individual creates a prototype of your server rack cabinet design. We offer numerous customization options so that our products exceed expectations for performance, and we wait for your final approval before proceeding with production. Rest assured knowing your server enclosure is built within our world-class facility using only the highest-quality manufacturing equipment for pristine results.

Some of the customization add-ons available for rack enclosures include:

  • Climate control: Regulate how warm or cool your server devices get with 24/7 controls.
  • Slide-out drawers: Create a storage space inside the rack enclosure for equipment manuals and setup instructions.
  • Lighting and security: Equip your computer server cabinet with overhead lights and audible security alarms.
  • Special finishes: Your rack enclosure may feature a natural finish, or you can upgrade to a heat-resistant ceramic outer coating.
Contact APX Enclosures to Start Your Custom Project Today
APX is your source for NEMA 3R and 4X electrical enclosures, and our company has been helping customers since 2001. All of our custom products arrive on location ready for installation, and we offer a one-year workmanship warranty. To get started with your custom order, give us a call at (717) 328-9399 or via our contact form.
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Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures

Businesses and data centers rely on strong network connections to send, receive and store information. Depending on the number of devices your company uses, there