NEMA/UL Traffic Control Cabinets & Signal Boxes

Reliable traffic control is vital for busy intersections, pedestrian crosswalks and happy communities.  The goal is to ensure that drivers and pedestrians can move from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible. Traffic signal enclosures play a crucial role in regulating traffic and enforcing optimal coordination and mobility.

APX has its roots in the traffic industry and to this day it is still the heart of our business. With decades of experience, APX has assisted our customers and their communities to find the best solutions for traffic management. Whether the key control functions of the enclosure are for traffic light controls, digital messaging sign controls (DMS), surveillance camera housings, intelligent traffic systems electronics (ITS) or the latest in 5g autonomous driving communications, APX can provide a solution.

APX understands the needs of our customers for a high-quality traffic control system enclosure that can withstand severe environmental demands while addressing budgeting requirements. As always, each APX traffic signal control cabinet is UL 508a Listed and supplied with the UL/cUL label. Our cabinets are made in the USA.

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What Are Traffic Control Cabinets?

Traffic control cabinets are sometimes pole-mounted, wall-mounted, pedestal mounted or integrated into pedestrian crosswalks and scenery.  These cabinets are designed to protect vital electronic controls from environmental and vandal damage.

Traffic signal control enclosures are required to meet federal, state and/or local regulations.  APX enclosures offer a flexible, modular design to promote easier cabinet access and maintenance while meeting all regulations.  APX also supplies single door flasher cabinets, double door, quad door and customized enclosures for unique applications.

In our connected world, APX traffic control enclosures also house the latest in remote communications, emergency vehicle detection, 5g autonomous controls and emergency police access.

APX’s 4X NEMA rated traffic control cabinets go a step further by offering extra protection against splashing water, direct spraying water and oil/coolant spills.  These enclosures also provide a higher level of protection against vandalism, including graffiti.

Location of Traffic Control Cabinets

You can find APX traffic control cabinets in various outdoor areas to promote mobility, such as:

  • Fire stations

  • School zones

  • Trail crossings

  • Flood-prone roads

  • Pedestrian crossings

  • Oil-gas systems

  • Autonomous driving 5g mobility

  • Solar power applications

APX Customization Options

When it comes to standard or custom traffic control boxes, APX Enclosures offers unmatched and affordable customization options. Many projects begin with one of our standard enclosures, then our engineers will walk you through the process of adding or adjusting specific features to create a solution that meets your specialized needs.  We can also clean-sheet custom design a cabinet for you as well.

Select from a variety of customization features, including:

  • Electrical integration of accessories including single, dual and GFI receptacles, fans, air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc.

  • Multiple mounting styles and extra hardware options (lifting eyes, door braces)

  • Insulation, battery blankets and fan kits for proper ventilation

  • Custom shelving and racks for added storage

  • Awnings, filters, hoods, sunshields

  • Multiple finish styles, including enamel, powder-coated and heat-resistant ceramic coating

Popular Designs for Traffic Control Enclosures

We manufacture traffic control enclosures and flasher cabinets in a range of styles and sizes. Popular product designs in the industry include:

  • Small single door enclosures: APX Enclosures manufactures both NEMA 3R and 4X rated single door structures to safeguard your electronic controls and equipment. With many standard sizes and adjustable size options, small single door enclosures are ideal for maximizing space while keeping your equipment safe from weather and vandal damage.

  • Large single door enclosures: If you prefer the single door style but need a bigger structure, our large single door versions are an ideal option. These cabinets protect your traffic equipment from weather damage and harmful environmental factors while also providing ventilation. Choose from among over a dozen standard sizes as well as customizable options for both the NEMA 3R and NEMA 4X models.

  • Pedestal enclosures: Designed to house your electronic terminals and instruments, our NEMA 3R rated pedestal enclosures are optimized for climate control and custom hardware.

  • Rack mount enclosures: Our rack mount enclosures come in multiple standard sizes with an opportunity to further tailor your design. Each structure includes removable rack frames and features front and rear access for user convenience.

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