Aluminum Electrical Enclosures

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used for electrical enclosures. It has many unique features that make it ideal for protecting electrical equipment. At APX Enclosures, we understand the intricacies of the electrical components used at your business, so we use high-quality aluminum for our enclosures to impart them with the following benefits:

  • Strong: Aluminum is durable and can withstand impact, mechanical breakage and fractures. Additionally, our heavy-duty enclosures are designed to resist stress and cracking.

  • Non-corrosive: Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, so the enclosure lasts longer. Whether the location is adjacent to saltwater, weather hazards or UV rays, the aluminum will retain its integrity much better than other metals.

  • Lightweight: Aluminum weighs less than other materials and has a significantly greater strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Heat conductive: Aluminum has high heat dissipation for excellent temperature control. It can move heat away from electronics and reflect sunlight.

  • Temperature resistant: Aluminum’s properties remain the same across temperature extremes, allowing it to retain its strength in harsh environments.

  • Electronics protector: Aluminum has natural properties that help keep electronics in peak operating condition. It has a high conductivity-to-weight ratio and can shield against RFI and EMI. It can also reflect radio and radar wavelengths.

  • Single shape: Aluminum resists distortion, swelling and deforming, even in harsh conditions.

  • Nontoxic: Aluminum is a safe metal, allowing you to install it in any location because it is odorless, non-magnetic, non-flammable and free of hazardous chemicals.

  • Flame protector: Aluminum can naturally help protect against open flames and the associated heat levels.

APX Enclosures has years of experience designing and manufacturing outdoor aluminum electrical enclosures. When you order a cabinet from us, you will receive a product that fits your application and lasts for the long term. Our enclosures are made in the USA.

Aluminum Enclosure Configuration and Customization Options

Our aluminum cabinets are available in many configurations. Choose a style that has one to four doors, a door in the rear or a pedestal mounting option, among several other choices. With our variety of layouts, you can choose the accessibility options and styles that meet your needs. Our configurations include:

Among the many options, APX Enclosures is sure to have a layout that fits your application in unrated, NEMA 4X, NEMA 3R and/or UL certified. You can opt for our engineers to design a custom aluminum enclosure made to your exact specifications. We have several optional features to choose from to make your cabinet unique, including:

  • Heating and air conditioning: Climate control manages the temperature to keep it in your preferred range.

  • Fan kits: Fans in your enclosure will circulate air to prevent overheating.

  • Shelving: Our racks and shelves can be installed anywhere in your unit.

  • Electrical integration: Installation and wiring of specific electrical components.

  • Mounting: Position your enclosure in a way that best fits your facility.

  • Finishes: Our special finishes provide an extra protective layer.

  • Insulation: Insulation regulates the temperature in the cabinet and protects sensitive electrical components.

Applications for a Watertight Aluminum Enclosure

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals in industrial use today, making it an ideal electrical cabinet material. As a result, there are many potential applications for businesses in several sectors, including:

  • Battery storage units: An aluminum enclosure is effective for battery and power storage in any weather conditions. The cabinet protects against corrosion and damage due to water exposure. Aluminum enclosures can also regulate temperature, which can help prevent overheating and freezing of electrical components, and lessen the chance of vandalism. You can use a battery enclosure for solar battery banks and generators.

  • Lift and utility stations: Water and wastewater treatment plants can be harsh environments. Aluminum enclosures will safeguard lift stations and other utilities from splashing water and chemicals, preventing corrosion due to this exposure. They also help reduce the noise levels of the equipment. You can use utility enclosures for wastewater, public lighting, natural gas, pump stations and electrical distribution equipment.

  • Traffic control units: Aluminum enclosure boxes can house vital electronics to keep traffic controls operating as usual and protect them from weather and environmental conditions. You can use aluminum enclosures for digital messaging signs (DMS), traffic lights and intelligent traffic systems (ITS).

  • Telecommunications cabinets: Communications equipment is exposed to tough outdoor environments. A NEMA 4X aluminum enclosure will keep dust and debris from getting inside and damaging the electrical components. It also defends against harsh elements like rain, sleet and snow as well as theft and unauthorized access. You can use telecommunication cabinets for patch panels, supporting equipment, switches, routers and computer servers.

  • Video surveillance equipment: Outdoor aluminum electrical enclosures protect security system parts such as closed-circuit television cameras to avoid tampering and weather damage. Our cabinets can also help with temperature regulation and AC/DC power supply, and we have the option for specialized mounting features for your video security equipment.

  • Control panels: Aluminum enclosures protect electrical connections and control panels from water and weather, making them ideal for power supplies, power circuits, relays, wires and terminal blocks.

  • Server racks: Network devices are critical for business operations and contain numerous parts. Our enclosures will organize all these different parts into one location and keep them safe from leaks, dirt and unauthorized access. You can use the cabinets for server components including modems, routers, wires and switches.

Order an Aluminum Enclosure Box From APX Enclosures Today

APX Enclosures has created watertight aluminum enclosures since 2001. We specialize in NEMA 3R and NEMA 4X aluminum enclosures and can build your aluminum electrical enclosure to either of these standards. To learn more about our enclosure materials or request a quote, contact us online today.