Large Single Door


Options & Accessories:                        

  • Panels

  • Lock, keying, other than standard

  • Windows

  • Switch Compartments

  • Painted Finishes

  • Filters

  • Rack Rails

  • Shelves

  • Panels, Center

  • Custom Equipment Mounting

  • Pedestal Adapter (reinforced bottom)

  • Swing Rack

Climate Control:

  • Air Conditioner

  • Sunshields

  • Insulation

  • Heater

  • Forced-Air Ventilation Fan

  • The complete enclosure is made from 0.125” thick aluminum alloy type 5052-H32 to provide a strong and rigid construction. Alternative material is 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Specifier must choose the material to be used.

  • The enclosures are equipped with two (2) adjustable “C” mounting channels on both side walls and back wall, providing versatile positioning of shelves, optional panels or rack mounting angles.

  • The door frame opening is double flanged on all four (4) sides. Flanges increase the strength of the door opening and help prevent dust and liquids from dropping into the enclosure when the door is open.

  • Pole or wall mounted enclosures have welded stiffener plates to reinforce the top and bottom of rear wall. Welded bottom plates are standard on pole mounted enclosures. An optional removable bolt-on bottom plate is available.

  • Enclosures have provisions for mounting a forced air fan system that can be thermostatically controlled. Air is exhausted through a slotted vent system in the roof overhang.

  • The enclosure door is equipped with a three-point latching mechanism with nylon rollers at the top and bottom.

  • Door handle is 0.75″ stainless steel round bar and has provisions for a padlock.

  • The standard main door lock is Corbin #1548-1 or equal.

  • A louvered air vent with filter retaining brackets and a disposable paper filter element is provided.

  • The continuous door hinge is 0.075″ thick stainless steel with a 0.25″ stainless steel hinge pin.

  • The switch compartment with removable back panel comes standard, made from 0.125″ thick aluminum alloy type 5052-H32. This back can optionally be replaced with a clear Lexan window to provide for limited access inspection of operating components or instrumentation. The switch compartment door hinge is 14 gauge stainless steel with a 0.120″ stainless steel hinge pin.

  • Natural aluminum enclosures are mill finished per federal specification QQA-250/8.

  • Painted enclosures are treated with an iron phosphate coating and dried by radiant heat.