Hardware Customization

Electrical Customization Options

Base Kit

APX Base Adapters are used to elevate enclosures in high water areas or applications where additional conduit space is required.

Order enclosure by size.  

Best Deadbolt Locks

All parts are made solid brass with phosphor bronze springs. Uses the Best interchangeable core and may be keyed alike, master keyed or grand-master keyed with any other Best locks of any type. 

Deadbolt Locks

APX Enclosures standard main door lock. Door locks automatically when main door handle is turned completely closed. Master and special keying available on special order.

Standard on Large Single Door 3R and as an option on both Front & Rear Door and Double Door Enclosures.

E.I.A. Standard Spacing

APX Standard rack rails are punched to E.I.A. spacing. Custom spacing can be provided on custom engineered enclosures. 

Floor Stand Kits

The floor stand elevates the enclosure while providing open access to the pad mounting system. Floor stands can be used on any enclosure with a solid bottom.

Order by enclosure size. 

Heavy Duty Pole Mounting Kit

Custom designed for large enclosures that require pole mounting with heavy equipment installations

Engineers to order only.

APX Back Panel

Panels not shown in the chart below are available on special order. 

Pedestal Base

Pedestal Base is constructed of 365-T6 (heat treated) cast aluminum.

Pedestal Plates

Constructed from 5052-H32 0.250″ aluminum. Pedestal Plates provide a means of mounting the enclosure sizes listed using the various pedestal components. 


Pole is 4-1/2″ O.D. x 0.237 wall (Schedule 40) 6063-T6 aluminum, spun finish. 

Pole Mounting Bracket (Enclosure)

Aluminum bracket is designed for side of pole mounting. Enclosures greater than 26″ in height will have stiffener plates on both top and bottom of rear wall for mounting of brackets. Stainless steel hardware for mounting pole bracket to enclosure is supplied. 


Dimensions: 6-3/4″

Pole Diameter: 8 min.


Dimensions: 3-3/4″

Pole Diameter: 4 min.

Police Type Slam Latch

Standard lock on APX switch compartment doors and Small Single Door Enclosures. 

For NEMA 3R only. 

Post Cap

Post Cap is used to seal the top of the pole in applications where the enclosure bracket is mounted. 

APX Equipment Shelf Kits

APX Enclosures, Inc. Equipment Shelves are designed to provide versatile mounting options for user equipment. Easily mounted using standard equipment channels, they provide a sturdy surface for mounting of customer equipment. 

Constructed of 0.125″ 5052-H32 grade aluminum alloy.

Shelves with a width of 38″ or greater are center reinforced on the underside with 1″ formed aluminum angle.

Equipment Mounting Hardware

It is fast and easy to install panels and equipment to mounting channels using these spring nuts and standard 1/4″ x 20 bolts. Simply insert the spring nuts to the desired channel position and with one quarter turn they are fastened and positioned based on your requirements. Panels or equipment clamp the spring nut to the channels providing secure mounting where you need it. 


APX Slide Out Drawer

The APX Slide Out Drawer allows for convenient storage of manuals, paperwork, laptops and more while providing an accessible shelf for using such tools when the drawer is pulled out. 

15.75″ or 21.00″ deep rack drawers available.

Made from 0.075″ or 0.125″ aluminum or 14 gauge stainless steel. 

Slip Fitter

Aluminum pedestal adapter is deigned for post top mounting of enclosures. When adapter is used, enclosure bottom will be reinforced. Stainless steel hardware is supplied. 

APX Equipment Support Brackets

The APX 19″ or 24″ Equipment Support Brackets are designed for use when mounting heavier rack equipment. 

Swing Racks

APX Swing Racks provide for mounting of standard 19″ or 24″ rack equipment and allow for easy access and servicing behind equipment. Available as Single Swing Rack Assembly and Double Swing Rack Assembly. 

Stainless steel construction.

Available for use in all APX Communication Enclosures. 

Rack Frame Assembly

Designed for our standard Rack Mount style enclosures.

Designed standard for 19″ or 24″ equipment.

APX TCMC Pad Mounting Kit

Stainless steel frame available with each of our TCMC cabinets. Each kit includes drawing and instructions. Frames are set in concrete pad and TCMC bolts directly to it, making installation much easier.

T-Handle 1/4 Tool

Available for use with our standard 5/8″ deep socket 1/4 turn. Allows the technician to easily open and secure the enclosure. 

1/4 Turn Latches

APX designs enclosures with and offers various styles of 1/4 turn latches. These latches are designed for vandal resistance, as well as provide for the highest degree of weather resistance.