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APX Enclosures for Your EVSE Enclosures

APX makes electrical enclosures for the load balancing equipment that is necessary to prevent EV chargers from overloading a total electrical system.  Load Balancing or, in other words, distribution of power, means that the feeder box (or pillar) supplying the charging station(s) automatically divides the available power over the vehicles that are charging. The charging controller analyses the available capacity and how much power the vehicles require.  It can also ensure power is given priority to the vehicles needing it most. 

There are two types of load balancing, static and dynamic:

Static load balancing changes the available power between multiple EV chargers based on a fixed electrical supply. Static load balancing distributes charging traffic without considering the overall system’s present condition.  This is typically used in residential charging networks.

Dynamic load balancing uses algorithms to consider the present state of the entire system and then routes charging traffic accordingly. The charging stations communicate with the EV charging management software in real-time and report the demand and preferences.  This is typically used in commercial or public charging networks.

Dynamic load balancing is an intelligent approach to EV charging and allows numerous EV charging points to operate simultaneously. APX makes the enclosures to protect the highly technical components that perform static or dynamic load balancing.

Charging stations and Feeders (Pillars) will not work without an efficient enclosure to keep the critical internal elements safe from extreme temperatures, severe weather, moisture damage and vandalism. APX Enclosures is the leading manufacturer of EVSE. Our aluminum, steel and stainless steel units are durable and come equipped with internal temperature regulation and your choice of paint or decal. All enclosures are available in various sizes to fit your project’s dimensions. We’ll even take care of some or all the electrical integration before we even ship the enclosure to you — you’re only responsible for the final installation and connections. Our enclosures meet UL and NEMA standards.

Commercial charging stations are — and will continue to be — a critical part of encouraging EV ownership. The more charging stations available, the easier and more accessible traveling in an EV becomes.  If your team is creating and manufacturing new charging station infrastructure, APX Enclosures can help!


Give APX Enclosures a call today at 717-328-9399 or contact us online to learn more about our UL and  NEMA-certified enclosures and request your quote today.

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