Rack Mount Enclosure


PART NUMBER:1-500-000048

NEMA Type 4X Rating: all vents and door locks are deleted.

Options & Accessories:

  • Windows

  • Rack Assembly

  • Paint Finishes

  • Switch Compartment

  • Custom Equipment Mounting

  • Shelves

  • Lifting Ears

Climate Control:

  • Air Conditioners

  • Sunshields

  • Insulation

  • Heater

  • The complete enclosure is made from 0.125″ thick aluminum alloy type 5052-H32 to provide a strong and rigid construction. Alternate material is 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Specifier must choose the material to be used. 

  • Each enclosure is equipped with bracket provisions for rigid mounting of an optional EIA 19″ rack frame assembly for mounting components. 

  • The door frame opening is double flanged on all four (4) sides. Flanges increase the strength of the door openings and help prevent dust and liquids from dropping into the enclosure when the doors are open. 

  • All exterior seams are ground smooth or sealed weather-tight with silicone sealant.

  • The enclosure door is equipped with a front hinge on the left and rear hinge on the right. 

  • The door is equipped with a three-point latching mechanism with nylon rollers at the top and bottom.

  • Door handle is 0.75″ stainless steel round bar and has provisions for a padlock.

  • All louver air intake vents on the door and exhaust vents in the roof are deleted. 

  • All through holes are sealed.

  • The main door is sealed with closed-cell neoprene gasket.

  • The continuous door hinge is 0.075″ thick stainless steel with a 0.25″ stainless hinge pin.

  • Natural aluminum enclosures are mill finished per federal specification QQA-250/8.

  • Painted enclosures are treated with an iron phosphate coat and dried by radiant heat. The standard finish coat is baked polyester powder.