Paint & Finishes

Custom Paint & Finishes

Standard Finishes

Baked enamel is available on most colors, and we can provide special paints and finishes upon request. 

When ordering, specify description and number.

In preparation for painting, all parts are submerged in three (3) different tanks as part of a three-stage iron phosphate conversion technique. After phosphating, the parts are passed through an infrared to eliminate any moisture. 

Color chart to the left highlights our standard colors using a polyester powder. 

Note: Air drying paint may be required if the enclosure is too large for our oven. 

APX Enclosures, Inc. Solar Reflective Ceramic Coating

Special heat resistant coating reflects 95% of the direct solar load on the cabinet, thereby eliminating the need for air conditioners and heat exchangers, saving up to 80% on initial cost of the enclosure. The coating protects expensive electrical systems from high outside air temperatures and preserves the lifespan of the equipment. A special anti-graffiti clear coat finish enhances and protects the primary coating. 

Applications include:

  • Security Enclosures – Clear Circuit TV and Surveillance

  • Battery Enclosures

  • Telecommunication Enclosures

  • Transformer Style Enclosures