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TCMC Modular Enclosures

APX Enclosures, Inc. 3R and 4X TCMC Modular Series is a user-configurable communications enclosure series that is designed for easy installation and expansion for applications such as CATV, telephone, and wireless communications. Each module of the enclosure provides protection from vandalism, wind-driven rain, sleet, snow, dripping water and corrosion.

• Size Range: 62” x 50” x 36” thru 62” x 106” x 36”
• 3 Standard Sizes: one, two or three rack bays
• Material: aluminum
• Equipment Mounting: 19” or 24” rack front and rear access
• NEMA Ratings: main chamber 4X, electrical/air conditioning chamber 3R, fiber entry/storage chamber- 3R; UL Listed




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