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APX makes it our goal to provide the most secure and durable enclosures possible to our customers. Our boxes have angled double-flanged openings to provide better gasket engagement for waterproofing and withstanding vandalism. Our rigid aluminum and stainless steel construction, as well as our intelligent 3-point latching systems, provide easy access with out compromising security on the enclosures. Our enclosures are NEMA certified to 4X or 3R standards. We challenge you to test the security of our products; we will not be compromised.

During this experiment, our APX Enclosure withstood a hurricane force of 120 gal/min of pressure,
double the NEMA requirement for 4X certification, without a single leak.

More APX Exclusive Features:

Door Restraint Bar
• Prevents door swing while working or during high winds
• Automatically engages on larger enclosures

Heavy Duty Continuous Hinge
• Prevents door sagging
• Provides maximum security and corrosion resistance

3/4“ Solid Stainless Steel Padlockable Door Handle

• Provides maximum strength and security
• Resists corrosion
• Provides NEMA 3R or 4X protection

Switch Compartment with Removable or Clear Back Plate
• Allows limited access to and control of internal equipment

Light/Alarm Switch Bracket (Removable)
• Provides mounting for internal light, alarm, or other device to be activated when door is opened

APX Enclosures, Inc. welcomes you to our plant for tours, inspections, and on-site project consultation. We are proud of our capabilities and facility and are glad to have you visit. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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