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Custom Enclosures

Nobody has the same exact custom enclosure needs as you. That's why APX treats you like no one else. At APX, we have the expertise and experience to meet your specific needs like no other company.

Our engineering and manufacturing systems are designed to be responsive to your special requirements. Upon receipt of your requirement, we assign a Project Engineer to handle your job design from prototype to production completion.

Our Customer Service Consultants and Project Engineers are happy to discuss your needs, so that we can design an enclosure that is just right for you. Our focus is customer service, and you can be certain that we will do what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us now to learn more about our custom enclosure services or to contact a Project Engineer directly.

APX enclosures are built in a state-of-the-art facility using the finest manufacturing equipment to ensure consistent product excellence. All enclosures are fabricated in APX Enclosure’s CAD/CAM environment for precise design and control.

Our Finishing Department offers many types of material finishes, including:
• Three-stage Iron Phosphate Pre-Treatment
• Wash & Etch Primer
• Enamel: Baked or Air-Dried
• Epoxy Powder- Baked
• Polyester Powder- Baked
• Anodizing
NEW! Heat Resistant Ceramic Coating

APX Enclosures, Inc. is your one-stop, turnkey supplier. We offer a wide variety of additional services in order to finalize your enclosure to your unique specifications.

Services available include:
• Special Electrical Assembly and Integration
• Silk Screening
• Custom Metal Panels
• Climate Control Integration
• Product Support Information for Your Customers
• Including brochures, user manuals, spec sheets and more

APX Enclosures, Inc. welcomes you to our plant for tours, inspections, and on-site project consultation. We are proud of our capabilities and facility and are glad to have you visit. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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