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SKU: Specline

APX Enclosures, Inc. 4X Specline enclosures are designed to house electronic controls, terminals and instruments, and to provide protection from vandals, rain, sleet, snow, dripping water and corrosion, as well as hosedown, splashing water, and oil coolant seepage.

Size Range: 16” x 12” x 6” thru 60” x 36” x 12”, 21: Standard Sizes; Custom Sizes Available

Material: 0.125" aluminum and 14 gauge stainless steel

Equipment Mounting: back panel, swing panel, side panel, custom

UL Listed NEMA Certified Type 4X

(For details see specification sheets)

1. Aluminum enclosures less than 36 inches in height are made from .080 inch thick aluminum alloy type 5052-H32 to provide a strong, rigid construction. Aluminum enclosures equal to or greater than 36 inches in height are made from the same alloy type with a thickness of 0.125 inches.
2. The door frame opening is double flanged on all four sides. These flanges increase the strength of the door opening and help prevent dust and liquids from dropping into the enclosure when the door is opened.
3. All exterior seams are ground smooth or sealed weathertight with silicone sealant.
4. No holes or knockouts.
5. A padlock hasp is provided.
6. Aluminum enclosures have tapped mounting pads for mounting of optional equipment panels. Stainless steel enclosures use collar studs for this purpose.
7. Optional back panel is aluminum.

1. Screwdriver operated, oil-resistant quarter-turn latches hold door securely closed. Enclosures greater than 35" in height are equipped with a three-point latching mechanism with nylon rollers at the top and bottom using a door handle that is fabricated from .75" stainless steel round bar and has provision for a padlock.
2. The door is sealed with closed-cell oil resistant neoprene gasket.
3. A removable 6x6" print pocket is provided on the inside of the door. Enclosures larger that 30" tall and 20" wide use a 10x10" removable print pocket.
4. Hinges shall be continuous. Enclosures smaller than 36 inches tall shall have the hinges spotwelded to both door and cabinet. Enclosures equal to or larger than 36 inches in height shall have hinges bolted to both the cabinet and the door.
5. Enclosures made from 0.080 aluminum will use hinges made from like material and use 0.187 inch hinge pins made from stainless steel.
6. Enclosures less than 36 inches in height and made from 0.075 stainless steel use 0.187 inch hinge pins made from stainless steel.
7. Stainless steel enclosures equal to or greater than 36 inches in height use hinges made from 0.075 inch stainless steel with a 0.250 inch stainless steel hinge pin.
8. Aluminum enclosures equal to or greater than 36 inches in height use hinges made from 0.090 inch thick aluminum with a 0.250 inch stainless steel hinge pin.

1. Natural aluminum enclosures are mill finish per federal specification QQA-250/8. Stainless steel enclosures are #3 polish finish.
2. Painted enclosures are treated with an iron phosphate coating and dried by radiant heat.

Seams are continuously welded and ground smooth, oil tight quarter-turn latches hold door securely closed, latches are opened or closed with a screw driver, oil resistant door gasket, three-point latch when height equals 36" or more double flanged door opening for increased strength while excluding liquids and contaminants, door and body stiffeners provided in large enclosures, removable print pocket, all panel screws are stainless steel, no holes or knockouts, and hasp provided for pad locking.



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  • Panel, Painted Steel

APX Catalog Numbers: APXSL161206, APXSL161208, APXSL161606, APXSL161608, APXSL201606, APXSL201610, APXSL202006, APXSL242006, APXSL242008, APXSL242010, APXSL242408, APXSL243008, APXSL302408, APXSL302412, APXSL303008, APXSL362408, APXSL363008, APXSL363012, APXSL423608, APXSL483608, APXSL483612, APXSL603612 (Formerly TCSL161206, TCSL161208, TCSL161606, TCSL161608, TCSL201606, TCSL201610, TCSL202006, TCSL242006, TCSL242008, TCSL242010, TCSL242408, TCSL243008, TCSL302408, TCSL302412, TCSL303008, TCSL362408, TCSL363008, TCSL363012, TCSL423608, TCSL483608, TCSL483612, TCSL603612)



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