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Exploring the World of Carbon Steel Electrical Cabinets

Carbon steel is a super tough material that is perfect for making electrical cabinets. It has some awesome qualities:

  • Strength: Carbon steel is really hard and can take a beating without getting damaged.
  • Security: This metal is so strong that it keeps unauthorized people out of the electrical cabinet.
  • Malleability: Carbon steel can be shaped into any form, making it perfect for custom cabinet designs.
  • Fire-resistance: Carbon steel won’t catch fire easily, so it protects equipment from extreme heat and flames.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since carbon steel is made in thin sheets, it’s cheaper than other materials.

Here at APX Enclosures, we create electrical cabinets from carbon steel for all kinds of uses. Our engineers can design a cabinet just for you, with all the features and styles you want.

Carbon Steel Enclosure Options for Configuration and Customization
We offer a variety of configurations for our electrical cabinets. You can choose from different sizes, door placements, and mounting options to find the perfect cabinet for your equipment and space. Here are some of the layouts we have:

Not only can you choose your configuration, but you can also add custom features to your carbon steel electrical enclosure. Just tell our engineers what you need, and they’ll create a design with all your desired options. Some of the customization choices include:

  • Finishes: A special finish can give your enclosure extra protection.
  • Electrical integration: Add hookups for switches and power strips.
  • Mounting: Pick the best support style for your facility.
  • Shelves and racks: Get racks and shelves installed wherever you need them.
  • Fan kits: Keep the air flowing in your enclosure to prevent overheating.
  • Heating and air conditioning: Control the temperature inside the cabinet for sensitive electronics.
  • Insulation: Keep your enclosure at the perfect temperature with insulation.

Applications for Carbon Steel Electrical Cabinets
Carbon steel is commonly used for enclosures in indoor or low-corrosion outdoor areas. You can use a carbon steel electrical cabinet for things like:

Security equipment: Store cameras and surveillance gear to deter vandalism.

Battery storage: Keep battery components safe in a carbon steel cabinet for electricity systems.

Get a Quote for Carbon Steel Enclosures at APX Enclosures
APX Enclosures has been making cabinets from carbon steel and other materials since 2001. Your electrical enclosure will last a long time and protect your equipment from harm. To learn more about our carbon steel electrical cabinets and get a quote, reach out to us today. All our carbon steel enclosures are proudly made in the USA.
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