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The purpose of this specification is to provide details of an enclosure that protects internal equipment from rain, dust, vandalism and other conditions found in an outdoor or otherwise harsh environment.
1.2 The manufacturer must be able, upon request, to produce part numbers on all components for repair purposes. Certificates of compliance may be requested on each cabinet or on any component or part thereof.

The enclosure(s) will meet or exceed the requirements of a NEMA rating (Specify either 3R or 4X) and shall be UL listed.

3.1.1 The cabinet and door(s) shall be constructed from 5052-H32 sheet aluminum alloy which has a thickness of .125 inch. Alternate material is type 304 stainless steel, minimum thickness of 14 gauge. (Specifier must choose either aluminum or stainless steel construction. ) External welds shall be made by using the Heliarc welding method; whereas, internal welds will be made by the wire welding method. All welds shall be neatly formed and free of cracks, blow holes and other irregularities.
3.1.2 All inside and outside edges of the cabinet shall be free of burrs.
3.1.3 The cabinet shall be designed with a crowned top to prevent the accumulation of water on its top surface.
3.1.4 The door opening shall be double flanged on all (4) sides which increases strength
around openings and keeps dirt and liquids from entering the enclosure when door is opened.
3.1.5 A door restraint shall be provided to prevent door movement in windy conditions.
3.2.1 The cabinet door(s) will be a minimum of 80% of the front surface area and shall be hinged on the right side when facing the cabinet.
A. The door(s) shall be furnished with a gasket that satisfies the physical properties as found in UL508 table 21.1 and shall form a weathertight seal between the cabinet and door.
B. The closed door(s) will be flush with the side(s) of the enclosure.
3.2.2 The hinges shall be continuous and bolted to the cabinet and door(s) utilizing 1/4-20 stainless steel carriage bolts and nylock nuts.
A. The hinges will be made of .075 inch thick stainless steel with a .25 inch stainless steel hinge pin.
B. The hinge pin shall be capped top and bottom by weld to render it tamperproof.
C. Hinge leaves will not be exposed externally when the door is closed, but hinge knuckles may protrude. Note: On NEMA type 4X enclosures, all bolt holes shall be gasketed.
3.2.3 The latching mechanism shall be a 3- point draw roller type.
A. Pushrods will be turned edgewise at the outward supports and shall be .250 inch by .750 inch aluminum, minimum.
B. Rollers shall have a minimum diameter of .875 inch and will be made of nylon. The center catch shall be fabricated from .187 inch aluminum, minimum.
3.2.4 An operating handle shall be furnished.
A. The handle will be stainless steel with a 3/4 inch diameter shank.
B. The latching handle shall have a provision for padlocking in the closed position.
C. (3R only) The lock shall be keyed dead bolt #200725 or equivalent. Two (2) keys will be furnished with each lock.
Note: On NEMA Type 4X enclosures, the specified Corbin Lock is deleted. These are available only with padlocking on the latching handle.
3.2.5 A light/alarm switch bracket shall be provided.

A cabinet requiring ventilation shall be provided with louvered vents in the front door with a removable air filter.
4.1.1 Louvers shall satisfy the NEMA rod entry test for 3R ventilated enclosures.
4.1.2 The filter will cover the vents and shall be held firmly in place with bottom and top brackets and a springloaded upper clamp.
4.1.3 Exhaust air will be vented out between the top of the cabinet and door.
A. The exhaust area shall be screened with a material having a maximum hole diameter of .125 inch.
4.1.4 The ventilation plenum area shall be equipped with a removable plate with provisions for mounting an optional fan
assembly. Note: On NEMA Type 4X enclosures, all louver air intake vents on the door and air exhaust vents in the roof overhang are deleted.
4.2 The ventilation system will be designed to handle a minimum of 100 cubic feet of air per minute.

(Specify as required)

5.1.1 The enclosure shall be equipped with two (2) adjustable "C" mounting channels on both side walls of the enclosure, allowing versatile positioning of shelves or panels.
5.1.2 The channel assembly shall provide infinite vertical and horizontal adjustment and not limit the positioning of shelves or panels. All mounting hardware will be furnished (See mounting channel detail).

                MOUNTING CHANNEL

5.2 SHELVES                                                                                                                                           

5.2.1 If equipment is to be shelf mounted, the enclosure shall be provided with shelves fabricated from 5052-H32 aluminum, having a thickness of .125 inch.
5.2.2 The shelf depth shall be a minimum of 10.500 inches. The enclosure will have provision for positioning shelves or panels to within four (4) inches of the bottom and to within eight (8) inches of the top of the enclosure.
5.2.3 Shelf mounting flanges shall be a minimum of 1.5 inches.
5.2.4 The front shelf edge will be 1.375 inches to increase available shelf space and will be double flanged to increase shelf strength.

Unless otherwise specified, the outside surface of the cabinet shall have a smooth, uniform, natural aluminum finish.
6.2 If painted, the following steps shall be taken as a minimum requirement.
6.2.1 The cabinet door and any other parts to be painted will be treated with an iron phosphate coating conversion technique.
6.2.2 After phosphatizing, the parts shall be baked to eliminate any moisture in seams.
6.2.3 The finish coat of a Polyester Powder will be baked at 400-450 degrees F for (10) minutes.
6.2.4 The finish shall be commercially smooth, substantially free of flow lines, paint washout, streaks, blisters and other defects that would impair serviceability or detract from general appearance.

7.1.1 Enclosures intended for pad mounting shall be constructed with the following


Cabinet is to be manufactured by APX Enclosures, lnc. or an approved UL listed equivalent.



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